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Episode 21: The Fart AKA You Are in Time Out Mister

The title really describes it all on this one. Do the crime, do the time. Just don't let your buttocks whine. Email the show at Click on the gas mask to unleash the audio hell.

Episode 20: House With A Painting AKA May the Power of Satan Compel (House Sales)

  Ever needed to sell a house and were at your wits end as to get that perfect buyer? Well through the power of Satan you can and will achieve that amazing sales price you only dreamed of. Seriously look at the show art. That's a real painting on that wall. I'm just saying, look at it. Click on the Satanic Painting to listen to the show (or here if you're funny about it)

Episode 19: Hard of Hearing

To hear or not to hear that is the question here. You might think this one is about my war against the deaf but that is NOT the case. This is a case of mistaken identity during the first round of restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Subscribe to the show and please share with your friends as I'm useless at marketing. Click hear to listen to the show here

Episode 18: Peekaboo!

A cursed doll. Laughter in the night. Be ready to laugh and soil yourself as we explore human hair and scuttles in the attic. Beware the power of the unwanted gift and subscribe to the show. Click here to listen to the most terrifying show of your life. All effects are by me.

Episode 17: The Supermarket Sampler AKA La Bandida De La Uva

Want food but don't want to pay? Apparently you can just walk around the supermarket eating as you go without the need to pay! Sounds easy but NOT ON MY WATCH. Listen as I call out the woman who decided to chow down whilst in front of me and recoil in horror. But don't forget to subscribe to the show. Click here to listen to the show for free.

Episode 16: Oh. Yummy AKA The Warm MilkShake

Got the friend who is meant to be a good cook and will flex their skills given the chance? Well come and drive with me for about 45 minutes to be utterly horrified at the mad skills of a friend and the cafe they work at. It's a rough ride but as always based on the truth, so get ready to chow down you funky chickens. Love you guys, subscribe to the show. Click here to listen and be glad you were not with me.