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Episode 4: Drive Angry Movie Review AKA the Most Incredible Sex Scene Ever Filmed

In this episode we totally spoil the amazing Nicholas Cage movie Drive Angry. I'll tell you about the most incredible sex scene ever filmed and you will thank me for it. Subscribe to the show on either YouTube or Apple Podcasts or both. Just look up idiotboxradio. Do that now. Click here to listen to the show

Episode 3: The Drive Through

Misnaming things really pisses me off, and this is no exception. Why the hell is a thing called a through when it's really an around? Click here to listen to the show

Now, I'm Not A Scientist, but....

Welcome to the second episode of the newly resurrected show. I trust that you are having as much fun as I am. Please email the show at to have it read out and answered. Not question too humiliating! In this show I don the lab coat as I explain to effing simpletons how facial masks work. Cheers. Click here to listen to the show

Prostitutes Don't Like Coffee (and a recap)

It's been a long time since we spoke. Hopefully you didn't forget me. In any case I was wondering why prostitutes don't want a coffee. Email the show   Click here to listen to the show.