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Episode 29: The Warm Seat AKA Love Prevents Toxic Bacteria

I really hate using the public toilet straight after someone else. Even worse if your special someone has and then in that moment of passion you are chompin away at the bits that made contact with that toilet. I'm glad I could bring that to your attention now subscribe to the show. Click on the fire to hear the show through your finger tips  

Episode 28: Tokarev Movie Review AKA Nicky C Gots Dem Linguistics Skills

In this episode we cover another Nicolas Cage movie, "Tokarev". It's a banger, as is his missus in the movie. Make sure you share this with your friends so that my plans to never have to do proper work again come to life. Click on Nicky C (Gently) to listen to my brilliant tale.

Episode 27: The Muscle Walk AKA You Don't Fool Us

Hello friends. This show is dedicated to those who poke out their arms as though there is muscle there. I am not sure why overweight people try to do the muscle walk. Is it the first sign of denial? I don't know but one thing for sure is that I am here to wage war on it. Before you get on your high horse I'm overweight so eat a bag. Apparently that is a rule: if you are a thing you can dehumanise and patronise it ;) Contact the show if you are a champion at Click on this bozo's arm to listen to the show